by Carrie Spencer

How to keep your kids from going crazy
when cold weather keeps them indoors.

With the holidays behind us, so many parents and children start looking forward to spring. Still, there are bound to be a few more cold and wintery days ahead. So it’s important for parents to be prepared with fun indoor activities that will keep kids from getting bored on those snowy, rainy, or chilly days. Keeping those activities educational and budget-friendly scores some bonus points, so here are a few ideas for entertaining your kids when it’s too cold to go outside.

Score Points With Secondhand Surprises

If your kids tend to get bummed out when they are stuck inside, you may want to consider lifting their spirits with a few budget-friendly surprises from eBay. eBay offers plenty of gently used video games, toys, portable gaming systems, and even indoor sports gear, plus buying items secondhand will help you save some serious cash. On top of those savings, you can also look for eBay cash back offers, coupons, and promo codes to keep prices for your purchases even lower.

Using coupons to score surprises can be a simple and effective way to cure cabin fever for your children. Now you may also be wondering how you can keep video games educational for your kids? Well you may be surprised to know that many of your kids’ favorite video games can actually provide mental stimulation and education. That’s because age-appropriate video games encourage children to solve problems, work with hand-eye coordination, and use creative solutions. So playing games can be fun and beneficial!

Create Some Cold-Weather Fun With Some Homemade Science Projects

Picking up a few surprises from eBay is a surefire way to beat boredom on those chilly days when your kids are stuck inside. If you find yourself facing a snow day or blustery weekend before you have a chance to shop for those surprises, however, you are going to need some backup plans. With a few low-cost and basic ingredients from your cupboards, though, coming up with educational and fun activities for your kids on a whim doesn’t have to be a hassle. For example, you can combine flour, water, and few other ingredients to help your kids create custom playdough! Watching the chemical reactions that transform these solids and liquids into a pliable dough is a great way for children of all ages to gain experience with science and chemistry, and you can even make a few different recipes to note the differences between reactions and results. Other kitchen science activities you can try include creating your own butter, baking bread, or even allowing toddlers to bang on pots and pans.

Encourage Kids’ Creativity With a Few Indoor Arts and Crafts Activities

Playing video games and whipping up kitchen experiments can help children fine-tune their sense of creativity. When you want to keep your children busy and boost their creative skills, however, you should just plan exciting art activities. Now you may be thinking that stocking up on arts and crafts supplies will cost you a small fortune, but there are so many creative ways for you to save on those basics. For instance, just like with those homemade science experiments, you can also create your own paints to cut costs on art supplies for your children. Puffy paint is just one of the many DIY art materials you can whip up to keep your kids busy for hours when they are stuck indoors, and this homemade paint can be especially pleasing for children who are developing their senses. Edible finger paints are also a sweet and safe DIY paint option that can come in handy for keeping toddlers and smaller children entertained, and you can make these non-toxic paints with cheap ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen cabinets.

Seriously, don’t let yourself get stressed out by surprise snow days or any other inclement weather that keeps your kids indoors! Because with a few creative and educational tricks up your sleeve, you can prevent boredom and any related behavior problems. Plus, you can use DIY tips and coupons to stick to your budget, so it’s a win-win for all.