iPad Apps that can assist children with learning.

A number of iPad apps are helping people with dyslexia improve the process of learning. Learn more about these six programs particularly suited for students with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is estimated to occur in 5–10% of the population. That means as many as 3 million people are dyslexic in the US. Like most people believe, it is not a disorder that is characterized by laziness or low intelligence. Dyslexia depends upon how a brain copes with spoken and written language. It is also called a reading disability as the dyslexics are normally unable to read the text in front of them and some individuals have also shown challenges in writing and speaking skills. So for people with dyslexia, there are certain iPad apps that can help in the learning process. Take a look at six common yet helpful apps for the students with dyslexia:

1. SoundLiteracy This app contains tiles of individual letters and numbers. Developed by a teacher, it is recommended by teachers and tutors around the world as it aids in their teaching. While it is a great app for learning sounds, processing words and learning spellings, it still does not replace a teacher. The app does not come with an autocorrect feature, and it basically bridges the gap between a student and a teacher.

2. openWeb OpenWeb is a free of cost web browser designed especially for people with a reading disability. It converts the entire text available on a website into a more understandable and easier to process format. The default font of the app is OpenDyslexic which is a customized format for dyslexic individuals. While the app was designed for an iPad, you can access it on your phone as well.

3. ModMath This particular app is designed for people who have trouble writing using pen and paper. ModMath app consists of a virtual graph paper and a calculator. It is able to solve complex mathematical problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as fractions and evaluate equations with a single tap on the screen. You can later print the task or email it to a teacher as per his or her requirement. This app is so popular that it is even used by top online startups like DissertationAvenue.

4. Dyslexia Quest Dyslexia Quest is created in order to look like an interactive game while evaluating your working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual memory, and auditory memory and sequencing skills. The Yeti Master is also there to guide you on the signs of dyslexia as you play along and move ahead in the game.

5. What Is Dyslexia From the makers of Dyslexia Quest, What is Dyslexia is another great app that is available completely free of cost. It talks about the journey of a common dyslexic, with a video comic that depicts how he spends his entire day. It also includes a quiz to see if you have dyslexia. It contains tips to handle a dyslexic child at home and at school for the help of both parents and the teachers.

6. Inspiration Maps This is one of the most powerful learning apps that you can find on the app store today. Especially designed for children from grade 4 onwards, it lets you build detailed illustrations, diagrams, and outlines. The good thing is that it lets you draw 5 free maps for free before paying for the full version in case you love the app. There is also a free version available for kids. While typical-achieving kids may sometimes show signs that they are having trouble in school, a dyslexic child has quite frequent ones and while they need research-based, systematic, explicit intervention to improve, use of technology can also be beneficial. Take out some time to sit with your child as dyslexia might not be curable (but it is remediable); you can always teach your child to adapt according to it.