UAKid Mission

The mission of our parent group, UAKid, identified with Dyslexia in Upper Arlington is to create a culture of change and to promote awareness of Dyslexia among parents, teachers, and administrators in Upper Arlington and to serve students with Dyslexia and related learning disorders to ensure that they reach their maximum potential. 

Objective #1

To ensure universal dyslexia reading disability screening for kindergarteners and any new student entering the district.

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Objective #2

To ensure that a scientifically based core reading program is implemented in grades k-3rd which aligns with ...

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Objective #3

To ensure that intervention for Dyslexic students at all grades levels is scientifically based with attention to ...

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Objective #4

To ensure that progress monitoring and assessments are science based quantifiable and objectives.  

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Objective #5

To ensure that staff and administrators receive the best and most up to date professional development to ...

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Objective #6

To promote collaboration between parents and school in Upper Arlington to address and meet the needs of ...

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