Mission & Objectives

UA-Kid Mission

The mission of our parent group Upper Arlington Kids Identified with Dyslexia (UA-KID) is to create a culture of innovation and to promote awareness of dyslexia among parents, teachers and school administration in Upper Arlington (UA) and to serve students with dyslexia and related learning disorders to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.

  1. To continue universal dyslexia/reading disability screenings for all kindergarteners and begin screening any new students entering the district.
  1. To ensure that a scientifically-based core reading curriculum is implemented in grades K-3rd which aligns with the National Reading Panel’s Report to include: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.
  1. To ensure that the intervention for dyslexic students at all grade levels is scientifically-based with attention to frequency, intensity, duration and fidelity and that progress monitoring and assessments are science-based, quantifiable and objective.
  1. To create an equitable pathway through high school to provide access to all curriculum and technologies with peers of similar intellectual capacity and to achieve similar graduation rates to the overall student population.
  1. To ensure that staff and administrators receive the best, most up-to-date professional development to empower them to feel confident in their ability to teach any child to read.
  1. To educate parents to be full partners in their child’s education and advocate for their children.
  1. To promote collaboration between parents and schools in UA to address and meet the needs of students identified with dyslexia and related learning disorders under state and federal laws.