Useful Links

Here are some useful links for parents.

International Dyslexia Association
International organization that is dedicated to help people with dyslexia. Website full of information about dyslexia and resources.

IDA Central Ohio
International Dyslexia Association – Central Ohio Chapter
Dedicated to shaping a world where millions of people who learn and think differently can thrive at home, school, and work.
Resource to help people find information about learning disabilities.

University of Michigan’s Dyslexia Center
Website full of resources for people with dyslexia.

University of Michigan’s Dyslexia Center – Professional Development
Resources for the professional educator.

Oregon State University Toolkits
Oregon GEAR UP offers a variety of toolkits that help advance our mission of increasing the college attendance and success for low-income students. The toolkits are action-oriented with planning guides and customizable resources available for free download.

The Human Cost of Dyslexia
A British study explaining the human cost of dyslexia and how untreated can impacts people throughout their lives.

Benefits of Playing Music
From reducing stress to increasing your memory, learning to play an instrument can have many more benefits than just beautiful music. In the article, we will cover 16 of our favorite side benefits of deciding to invest a little time into your instrument of choice. We have also included some links to other great articles and scientific journals for further reading.

Life Insurance with Pre-existing Conditions
An in-depth article on how to choose life insurance.