There are many college scholarships aimed at helping students with learning disabilities.

College can be just as financially strenuous as it is academically demanding, and while many institutions offer financial aid packages for their students, these packages are not always as relieving as students and parents need. Independent scholarships, then, are a fantastic way to get the additional financial security you may need in college. Scholarship programs can be as exclusive or inclusive as they want, the requirements for eligibility ranging from GPA, honors, extracurricular, personal hobbies, heritage—even learning disabilities! As our schools become more aware and accommodating to different learning styles, more scholarships become available to help students with learning disabilities go to college. Help your child (and yourself!) with the sometimes overwhelming experience of college by using the aid of scholarships to ease the financial burden of a higher education. While many scholarships require the applicants to be incoming freshman in college, there are scholarships available for students of any standing with a learning disability—so start familiarizing yourself with them now!

My Dyslexia has several Scholarships listed to help parents find financial assistance for their child.